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Reminder to enter and promotional banners.

Okay, as much as I know you guys love entering and winning, it's time for some new competition, don't you think? I'd love to see this community more active, where we have plenty of submissions, mod choices, and special catagories! The more entries, the better the win, to me at least.

So I decided to make two promotional banners, that I hope you guys will help me use. Of course you don't have to, but it sure would help get the word around faster. I made it simple, all you do is copy and paste the html I put inside the box for you anywhere you want! And if you're feeling super bored, and have already submitted for this week *nudges and winks* Feel free to make a banner yourself, post it here, I'll upload it to my server that way it won't be taking your band width, and I will add it to these.

Or if you're busy, that's okay too, but maybe you could just take the time to copy and paste the proud member banner in your userinfo and/or make an entry in your journal with it?

Just some ideas to get this place going more. Hope you're all well, and making great icons.

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