shadowsofafire (shadowsofafire) wrote in origin_icontest,

Okay, so I would first off like to deeply apologize for my not posting the voting. I'm very very sorry. I will hand out cookies to anyone willing to participate in voting!

So, this time we only had 5 entries after all this time. It's like whoa, what happened?! But I understand, I'm not even involved in school and I've had stuff happening. That's drama none of you want to hear..

Onto the voting! Please vote for your favorite two icons. It's sad, really, not having a third place. Buut, if you could please, with your vote, that lovely, lovely vote, give an idea of what you think the next icontest should be, that YOU a member, a beautiful member, would participate in. (No I'm not sucking up, what makes you think that?)

Also, third thing, would it be okay with you guys if I made icons for it too sometime?

Anyways, onto the voting! 

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