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an Evanescence/Origin icon challenge
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This is an icon contest community solely dedicated to the Origin era of Evanescence.

Co-Mods;toolostobesaved, shadowsofafire
Official Community Banner Maker:beautyfuldeamon

1) Never, ever steal icons or present someone elses work as your own. If you do this, and someone catches it, you will be banned.
2) There will be contests held weekly. Your own, original work concerning Origin lyrics/themes/pictures will be the only icons accepted into the contests.
3) No promos for other sites unless they concern Evanescence.
4) No drama. The maintainers are taking for granted the fact that we are all mature people. If there is any drama, either myself, or toolostobesaved will be more than happy to resolve the issue as we see fit.
5) Only post graphics relating to Evanescence.
6) If you like what you see, please feel free to tell the icon makers so! If there is criticism, please make it constructive. Please be respectful to the other members!
7) Please do not get your friends to come and vote just for you. Not only is this cheating, but it's also disrespectful to other members. Have some decency!

For icon makers:

1) Please post icons as follows:
2) Use only your own, original work
3) If there is more than one picture posted for the icon challenge, you will be able to make more than one icon. Please refer to the weekly challenge for more information.

Once a challenge is over, and the awards have been given, it is up to the maker of the icon whether or not they wish to share the icon(s) they have made.

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