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Drum roll please...

1st place   by scenceable

2nd place  by honeymoonsuite

3rd place  by scenceable
Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated. I don't know what the next contest will be, I'm waiting to hear back from immortalsecrets about what she wants to do next. My contest didn't go over well at all, so I'm going to be sticking to whatever she tells me to do.

Edit: I'm sorry the rich text mode is kicking my *ss. Hope this isn't an inconvience it not being behind cut.

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YAY! woot for free for all challenges lol

it doesnt matter that its not cutted. :D
Personally, I feel you've done some great stuff before that wasn't for this challenge.

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed you'll submit for the next one.
oh, I will. plus, I have new photoshop, the good one, cs2, not stupid crappy photoshop elements. (the 60 dollar one lol) so they should be getting better. :D